Lil Miss ‘I’ @ 5 months

How extra adorable is this baby age/stage?  At what other point in your life can you stick your foot in your mouth and have everyone die over the cuteness?!

Back in February we travelled east to see lil Miss ‘I’ and her parents.  Even though she’s ‘just’ a baby, my boys think she’s pretty special.  She smiled the brightest when they were near, in fact it was a bit of a contest which one could get her to giggle the most!  The giggles were contagious and I seriously thought of packing her up and bringing her home with us:)

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One thought on “Lil Miss ‘I’ @ 5 months

  1. Jenelle says:

    Oh my goodness, I love your humor! It’s definitely only sweet babies that get away with that!! This darling girl is so happy – she would fit in well in your family 😉

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