New Brunswick…it’s been a while

It has been 11 years since my husband + I moved from the East Coast of Canada to the West Coast of United States. And 9ish since we last visited. Not cool.2015-09-03_0007NewBrunswick2015-09-03_00022015-09-03_00092015-09-03_0010NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0001NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0003NewBrunswick2015-09-03_00042015-09-03_0008NewBrunswick2015-09-03_0005Picked up some authentic maple syrup from the St. John City Market along with some other goodies
Miphone_062315_0054bAlways a Lobster feed!! Always thrilled!!Miphone_062315_0057bInto St. Andrews by the Sea for some dulce! Well, for some of us non-Maritimers it was for the candy shop.NewBrunswick_062015_0031bMiphone_062015_0134bNewBrunswick2015-09-03_0011A spot near + dear to our hearts…New River Beach on the Bay of Fundy. This beach was where my husband got gutsy + proposed after 4 months of dating. It paid off!
Miphone_061915_0163bMiphone_061915_0160cAlways an animal or two to be found along the wayMiphone_062615_0032bMiphone_062115_0109b

No complaints of the view or the relaxation that went on here at Lake Utopia.Miphone_061815_0201b

Miphone_062215_0080bThe sign of a good time!Miphone_061815_0198bUntil next time!2015-09-03_0006

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3 thoughts on “New Brunswick…it’s been a while

  1. springsideavenuedesigns says:

    Oh my! PLEASE take us with you next time you go back! So beautiful! I think you should post the original photo from the day you guys got engaged (you do have one, don’t you?!)

  2. Jenelle says:

    Haha that was precisely the thought I had while looking thru these…you’ll have a lot of stragglers if you let us all know the next time you go! 😉 Love these, such beautiful scenery and especially love the kissing one at your special beach. Great vacation memories!!!

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