The ‘W’ Family

This summer break has been a busy one, going from one thing to the next. The day we had slotted for the ‘W’ family session was forecasted to be a cooker but without any option to reschedule we went ahead with it. With the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area in the background, not even the hottest of days can make this family look bad!

Poor lil ‘B’ was not thrilled with the heat and spied my smoothie tucked away. Who can deny such a face?! He sucked it back like nobody’s business!2015-08-17_00172015-08-17_00122015-08-17_0013 2015-08-17_00142015-08-24_00082015-08-24_0011c

With just a bit of sun left in the sky and the air only a few degrees cooler, we walked down to the lake to finish off our day. Thanks ‘W’ family for lookin’ smokin’ hot and making it look like no big deal!2015-08-17_00182015-08-17_0025b2015-08-17_00192015-08-17_00052015-08-17_00202015-08-24_00042015-08-24_00022015-08-24_00032015-08-24_00012015-08-17_00242015-08-17_00212015-08-17_00232015-08-24_00062015-08-17_00282015-08-17_0027


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5 thoughts on “The ‘W’ Family

  1. Bonnie Dirks says:

    Amazing pictures. Beautiful family!

  2. Lynda Jackson says:

    These are gorgeous M!

  3. Jenelle says:

    Such a great looking family and these photos are all beautiful! Well done Melissa!! The sun setting on the lake is gorgeous light.

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