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Vanessa’s Runway to Reality {Second Edition}

Green: To be truthful I hate the color green because it reminds me of money and my lack thereof. However, seeing it on the runway this season has given me a fresh appreciation for the color and has inspired me to purchase some green pieces of my own. Bonuses of the trend…not only does it look great on any skin tone but because it comes in so many different shades it makes it easy to get your monochrome trend on fleek.

My inspiration:


My version:


Fringe: When I saw fringe was a trend from NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 I was like HOLLA!! I’ve had this fringe skirt in my closet for a while now but I’ve always felt kinda “flapper girl” wearing it. But thanks to Christian Siriano, Rebecca Minkoff, and Banana Republic, fringe no longer belongs to the “flapper girl” era. Fringe has now been transformed into something that can be seen and worn everywhere, from the tried and true fringe bags, to fringed hemlines and fringed ponchos! 

My inspiration:


My version:


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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

In the Boho world pineapples are in. So when cruising through the grocery store the other night I decided to pass by the pineapple section and see what all the hype was about. My inner Nicole Richie couldn’t resist. $4.95 later, pineapple and Coachella vibes in tow, we hit the mean streets of Regina to photograph the carefree vibes of a pineapple. 

IMG_2847 copy2

side by side2

IMG_2713 copy


pineapplefinal2 copy


pineapplefinal3 copy



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