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Love Day, 2015

I’ll be honest with you. This Valentine’s day post almost never happened. Sigh.

Photo shoot 1 — I had unrealistic expectations of my boys. I forgot they never sit still….ever!

Photo shoot 2 — They were in a mood. We allllll had epic meltdowns.

Photo shoot 3 — I had technical difficulties. sigh. Lighting…

Photo shoot 4 — Armed with realistic expectations of my boys, a better lens and lots of M+M’s to bribe my boys with…this is our result!

Happy LOVE day everyone!!! XOXO




Seems Valentine’s Day bloopers are becoming our thing….


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Miss E + Miss M

As a mom of two boys it’s a nice change to have a fun hang with some girls.  And these girls, who are actually cousins, were just the cutest and sweetest and the nicest and the bestest!  Because everyone gets school portraits taken I don’t often get the chance to photograph this age group one-on-one but c’mon!  Aren’t these so much more exciting than school head shots?   













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the extended ‘S’ family

When I photographed the extended ‘S’ Family last year, there were 7 grandkids.  This year, 8!  

For the little ones, today was just another day of scrambling to get a spot on Grandma or Grandpa’s lap.  (And to think I was worried about where to put everyone!)  But for the parents, today was frantic shouts of “Watch out for the mud!”, Stay away from that duck!”, “Pull down your dress!” and “Get those fingers out of your nose!”  So many adorable little personalities, and I just love them all!  

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the S children

It was so fun to plan for this session. But having Mom S show up with some great last-minute additions was the icing on the cake!  Love her style!  The kids were having so much fun I don’t think they noticed me clickin’ away.  I left with some new buddies and great memories!   

I just HAD to include these.  So stinkin’ cute!  The novelty of a new baby brother obviously hasn’t wore off!

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Sweet Elizabeth II {children}

What little girl doesn’t love to dress in her mom’s high heels?  Well, Elizabeth is no different!  It was a pleasure to photograph this little dolly again, this time marking her 2 year birthday!  Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

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