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Love Day 2016

I hear a lot of people groaning about Valentine’s Day…but when I walk into a store to buy some mundane household item and I’m surrounded by pink sparkly hearts and expressions of love…well…I’m in heaven! …and all that chocolate! Like whoa…!
To top it all off, my son Dre came home from preschool with the cutest Valentine art project! I’m not a big jewelry person…but this necklace could give Cartier a run for their money!
Wishing all of our amazing readers a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!



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Love Day, 2015

I’ll be honest with you. This Valentine’s day post almost never happened. Sigh.

Photo shoot 1 — I had unrealistic expectations of my boys. I forgot they never sit still….ever!

Photo shoot 2 — They were in a mood. We allllll had epic meltdowns.

Photo shoot 3 — I had technical difficulties. sigh. Lighting…

Photo shoot 4 — Armed with realistic expectations of my boys, a better lens and lots of M+M’s to bribe my boys with…this is our result!

Happy LOVE day everyone!!! XOXO




Seems Valentine’s Day bloopers are becoming our thing….


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Love is all you need

Okay…I know I said I was taking a break but since Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year…I had to pop in and do one quick post of my sweet boys and their V-day cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

dre valentinesbiggercard IMG_2054 IMG_2057_2 reed final vday card


And of course…what would a photo shoot with kids be without some serious bloopers!

"baby holding flowers picture"


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The 45th day of the year!

February 14…. How can you hate a holiday where everything is pink and sparkly!? Personally, I love it! I embrace all the shiny balloon hearts, I smile at all the cheesy teddy bears and jam out to all the Justin Bieber singing Valentines Day cards! And of course  I was excited to dress my son up, head out and do a photo shoot. Here he is…doing his best to attract the ladies;)



valentines day card 2013

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Happy Love Day!

I always look forward to February 14th! I remember in grade school writing all my classmates names on little Valentine’s day cards and waiting to see the cards I would get in return. In high school, it was the anticipation of receiving a “candy gram” or finding out that you have a secret admirer! Now…its the ONE time of year that I MAY receive flowers from my husband! Regardless of your relationship status or your thoughts on the marketing of cheesy cards, it always feels nice when someone tells you that they think you’re rad. Hope you are each treated special on this Valentine’s Day!

The Bokeh project:Valentine’s edition

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