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Hailey M. Graduation

Okay, so this day was amazing! Not only was the weather and location on point but the model was oh soo gorgeous and she couldn’t stop smiling! Like literally; we tried to do some serious poses and it just made her laugh and smile even bigger! 

Hailey, your smile can brighten up an entire room; you are such an amazing and kind hearted girl. I wish you all the best in your future and know you have amazing friends and family cheering you on all the way!


This post wouldn’t be complete without the crown vic photos…After all the formal photos were said and done, this wild bunch suggested they climb on top of the crown vic for a couple pictures. I wasn’t the only one taking photos, even some passersby were taking snapchat photos. I just hope they got my good side and used a flattering filter on us before they posted it to their story!


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Lil’ Peanut Graduates {teens + seniors}

Photo shoots with our little sister have always been a lot of fun but this one was a bigger deal…she was graduating from high school and was going to be the valedictorian, no less!   We couldn’t be more proud! Being the youngest of 7 children, she has definitely learned to hold her own.  No one dare cross her with her saucy and sarcastic attitude and looks of death.  Yes, we have taught you well little one!  It was so fun to come home and raid her closet, borrow her music, get into deep debates about who rocked the last season of Project Runway and all the while eating endless bags of Old Dutch potato chips.
As a graduation gift we wanted to pass on to you some words of wisdom that we hope will help you move forward in the REAL world.
1..Toonie Tuesday does not apply in the USA.  dang KFC!
2..Potato chips are not a vegetable.
3..The best way to save money is to forget who you borrowed it from.
4..Werewolves and vampires are not realistic choices for a life mate.
5..Blue and green should never be seen, only in a washing machine.
Here are our favorites of the beautiful graduate…

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