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Baby Harlan

Congrats to the sweet Mcmeeken family who just got a whole lot sweeter with their latest addition to the fam. This lil bundle of cuteness was my easiest model to date, just snoozing right through 90% of his entire shoot. I think baby “H” gets his good looks from his parents but he might get his sleeping skills from Papa John.

Thanks to the Mcmeeken family for inviting me into your home and letting me photograph this precious moment in your family’s life. He sure is a lucky boy ❤


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the ‘B’ family

We were thrilled when little Miss V brought her parents down from Seattle for a visit this spring. When booking at Hotel Cooke they had a well-balanced itinerary that included hiking, picnicking, dining out, + relaxing. They completed their vacation with a family photography session, something we never got around to after V was born + we still lived in Seattle! 

We picked a little park just down the street before the light slipped behind the mountains. Content with me documenting her every more, V just motored around being as adorable as could be.  We loved having time with this sweet family + it was wild to see how much V had grown! …We hope they book again!

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Hailey M. Graduation

Okay, so this day was amazing! Not only was the weather and location on point but the model was oh soo gorgeous and she couldn’t stop smiling! Like literally; we tried to do some serious poses and it just made her laugh and smile even bigger! 

Hailey, your smile can brighten up an entire room; you are such an amazing and kind hearted girl. I wish you all the best in your future and know you have amazing friends and family cheering you on all the way!


This post wouldn’t be complete without the crown vic photos…After all the formal photos were said and done, this wild bunch suggested they climb on top of the crown vic for a couple pictures. I wasn’t the only one taking photos, even some passersby were taking snapchat photos. I just hope they got my good side and used a flattering filter on us before they posted it to their story!


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The ‘S’ Family

When you move to a new area there are just some people who make the transition a lot easier. Meet one of the families that has been a saving grace since I stepped foot in the PNW. I enjoyed having these sweet dimpled faces + their parents in front of my lens the other morning. With her little girl creeping up on the one year mark, this mom is very well aware of how quickly time is passing. Here we are at the Snoqualmie River to document their family at this very busy stage!
Sanchez_091415_0080eSanchez_091415_0084cSanchez_091415_0157cSanchez_091415_0188cSanchez_091415_0180b2-wSanchez_091415_0025b-wSanchez_091415_0028b-wSanchez_091415_0011b-wSanchez_091415_0270b-wSanchez_091415_0210c Sanchez_091415_0199c2Sanchez_091415_0139c Sanchez_091415_0350cSanchez_091415_0314bSanchez_091415_0319bSanchez_091415_0425bSanchez_091415_0325cSanchez_091415_0297bSanchez_091415_0370b2 Sanchez_091415_0403cSanchez_091415_0391c3 Sanchez_091415_0406cThere was no way this little guy was gonna let his mama get thrown into the water!

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The ‘W’ Family

This summer break has been a busy one, going from one thing to the next. The day we had slotted for the ‘W’ family session was forecasted to be a cooker but without any option to reschedule we went ahead with it. With the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area in the background, not even the hottest of days can make this family look bad!

Poor lil ‘B’ was not thrilled with the heat and spied my smoothie tucked away. Who can deny such a face?! He sucked it back like nobody’s business!2015-08-17_00172015-08-17_00122015-08-17_0013 2015-08-17_00142015-08-24_00082015-08-24_0011c

With just a bit of sun left in the sky and the air only a few degrees cooler, we walked down to the lake to finish off our day. Thanks ‘W’ family for lookin’ smokin’ hot and making it look like no big deal!2015-08-17_00182015-08-17_0025b2015-08-17_00192015-08-17_00052015-08-17_00202015-08-24_00042015-08-24_00022015-08-24_00032015-08-24_00012015-08-17_00242015-08-17_00212015-08-17_00232015-08-24_00062015-08-17_00282015-08-17_0027


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