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‘D’ Maternity

This was a maternity shoot taken back in NorCal not far from where I use to live. We got up early so we could catch some of that pretty morning light + it was worth the two cups of coffee to capture this scene. She is one of those lucky women who make pregnancy look not only easy but totally beautiful! …that was sooo not me btw.

So, I already know how aaaaaabsolutely gorgeous their baby turned out to be. Not that I doubted it with these two + their dazzling smiles but you will have to wait + see for yourself! Stay tuned…

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The ‘B’ family {maternity}

Arrive into Washington on Wednesday and I’m shooting by Thursday night!  How did I get so lucky?!  Our very generous friends came over from Spokane to help us set up house, so the least I could do was photograph them as they look forward to welcoming a little one into their lives.

We are so excited for September to come so we can finally meet this little girl.  Now it will be our turn to buy the noisy toys, science experiments and candy for their little one! (insert wicked laugh here)  Ps. Noah likes the name Quinty.brown1dbrown7brown3brown9brown6brown8brown10

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The ‘F’ Family

I got to spend a lot of time with this lovely family.  We had family, maternity and little ‘R’s portraits to accomplish in our afternoon together.  And little man ‘R’ is about as cute and stylish as they come.  He’s such a character I couldn’t look at him without cracking up!   It makes me wonder what is in store for baby #2?!  

I’m obsessed with olive trees so I was thrilled when they decided on having their session in an olive grove. It turned out to be an incredible location… Pure magic!   

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