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the ‘B’ family

We were thrilled when little Miss V brought her parents down from Seattle for a visit this spring. When booking at Hotel Cooke they had a well-balanced itinerary that included hiking, picnicking, dining out, + relaxing. They completed their vacation with a family photography session, something we never got around to after V was born + we still lived in Seattle! 

We picked a little park just down the street before the light slipped behind the mountains. Content with me documenting her every more, V just motored around being as adorable as could be.  We loved having time with this sweet family + it was wild to see how much V had grown! …We hope they book again!

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Cole turns One!

You’d have to be a robot not to get grin happy when you hang out with Cole.  The cheeks, the mile long eyelashes, those eyes…I don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘cute’ so many times in one day! 

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