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Love is all you need

Okay…I know I said I was taking a break but since Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year…I had to pop in and do one quick post of my sweet boys and their V-day cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

dre valentinesbiggercard IMG_2054 IMG_2057_2 reed final vday card


And of course…what would a photo shoot with kids be without some serious bloopers!

"baby holding flowers picture"


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simple things

Sometimes life gets busy and stressful. And in those times its nice to stop and find a few simple things that make your heart smile. Here are a few of mine from this past week.

Baby with bubbles in the bath

When company brings delicious treats from Canada

Spring flowers

Refreshing spring colors that encourage us that summer IS coming! Oh! and learning how to do a ‘sock bun’…Hello! Where have you been all my thin-haired life!?

Being the funniest person in the world…to one little person.

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