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Mall Haul

My friends and family get a laugh out of how thrifty I can be.  The story that everyone loves to tell on me is the time I found a pink, puffy, GAP vest at a thrift store for $5.  Well…the next day was a 30% off day (I know right?  a discount day at a thrift store…how cool is that??) so I hid it and came back the next day and saved myself a whopping…$1.50!  Oh yeah!  You know what I can buy for $1.50?  Yeah?  I can’t think of anything right now either…

This month was a great month for finds!  ZAC freaking POSEN is now taking up space in my closet!  I don’t even care that I found him at Target.  Reminds me of NY fashion week 2009 when Jenn and I waited, freezing our tooshies off for a glimpse of the cutie designer.  We did not leave disappointed!

Pleated bikini top…$10.

My second find was a vintage skinny tie for my handsome hubby.  Not that he knows who Yves Saint Laurent is…although he can pronounce his name better than I can.  Soooo exciting…my heart is still racing…a designer tie AND my husband speaking french;)

Vintage skinny YSL tie…$3.25.

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