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Welcome, Baby ‘C’

I found myself back in Northern California a few weeks ago with this adorable growing family! Miss ‘C’ was already a month old + as sweet as could be. Loving to be swaddled up tight, she hardly made a peep! I have had the privilege to photograph all their newborn faces except the oldest + this little face fits in perfectly with the others. She is adored grandly by her siblings + I consider myself a fan as well!
cberry_0002cberry_0013cberry_0012cberry_0009 cberry_0017cberry_0004cberry_0011

Miss ‘E’ was a huge helper to me this time around. Fetching blankets for me, holding the reflector (this girl has skillz!) + telling me all about her new sister. Her Mama is very lucky to have such a big girl around to help out! cberry_0008cberry_0001cberry_0015cberry_0014

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Lil Miss ‘I’ @ 5 months

How extra adorable is this baby age/stage?  At what other point in your life can you stick your foot in your mouth and have everyone die over the cuteness?!

Back in February we travelled east to see lil Miss ‘I’ and her parents.  Even though she’s ‘just’ a baby, my boys think she’s pretty special.  She smiled the brightest when they were near, in fact it was a bit of a contest which one could get her to giggle the most!  The giggles were contagious and I seriously thought of packing her up and bringing her home with us:)

irelynn5m2 irelynn5m4irelynn5m6irelynn5m9irelynn5m5irelynn5m7


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Baby ‘V’ {newborn}

One quick glance at lil Miss V and you know exactly who she belongs to.  So much family resemblance!  Nothing short of an angel, my time with her was precious.  

I was so happy that I got to spend time with this family before they moved out-of-state.  Their dear faces will be sadly missed.  Texas is lucky to have them. v5 v2 v3v4
v6 v7 v8v9v10 v11


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Little Miss “L” {newborn}

This 8 week old baby girl was just so delicious!  Wearing her cute little headbands and chins for days she was a dream to photograph.  She was well worth the drive to Reno to catch a few snuggles with:)   





"smiling baby girl picture"
"big brother holding baby picture"
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