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Spring 2019 Runway to Reality

This was an unusually busy fall that didn’t allow me to participate in the purchasing + photographing of the new Spring fashions from New York Fashion Week. However, I did make time to watch some of the shows (I mean…you can’t miss a Marc Jacobs show!) + help my sisters get inspo from the runways.

I’m loving this new trend of inclusion on the runway. Designers creating + styling for everyone in mind. Well…let’s hope it’s not a trend + that it’s here to stay! Regardless of your shape, size, body measurements…we can all rock these spring designs.

There are some really cool trends this season like a cinched waist, which looks amazing on every body type + also some that might take a little bit to get used to. Tie dye, for example…unless you’re from Oregon, in which it’s a wardrobe staple! Ha ha..I’m kidding…or am I? Biker shorts + boxy blazers are a new way to make our mom-blazers fun again.  Cargo pants, because who doesn’t love an extra pocket for a lip gloss? And color…yellow! So fresh + dreamy for spring + easy to add into our existing wardrobes.

Below are my gorgeous sisters + their finds from the New York Fashion runways. Let us know your favorite trend in the comments below!


Yellow. Like last year, when orange was dominating the runways I was less than thrilled Not everyone can wear it from head to toe, but pops of yellow…we all can do that! I had no trouble shopping for this trend. Yellow is everywhere right now! If you are looking to add this to your wardrobe this spring, popular choices are mustard + neon. Sunny days ahead!

My inspiration:

My version:

Muppet Mania. So many logistical problems with this trend! Gah! That’s when this becomes a major Runway to Reality moment. I translated the feathers + fluff to this crocheted, fringe vest. This way I stayed true to texture + movement, not to mention that crochet was spotted on the runways as well. I saw a lot of other ways to carry out this ‘muppet look’ whether it was fur vests or sherpa jackets. Soar into spring with your version!

My inspiration:

My version:

Fisherman’s Netting. The looks found on the runways of Cushnie, Ports 1961 + Altuzarra were elegant + mermaid-like. I found that a more viable option for this netting look is finding a tighter knit netting. Experiment with layering, in fact, I highly recommend it + catch yourself a new look.

My inspiration: My version:
Victorian Inspired Puff Sleeve. I love a dramatic sleeve. Marc Jacobs, Brock Collection + Mara Hoffman were just a few that played with volume this season. Since the 80’s are making a comeback, we wouldn’t want to forget that delicious puffiness. I still remember my heart skipping a beat seeing the sleeve on my older cousin Shannon’s prom dress. Heart eyes. Besides, how great is a look that allows you to avoid arm day?

My inspiration:My version:

Blazer with biker shorts. If you follow any fashion account on Instagram you most likely have seen the biker short trend. This year NYFW stepped it up by pairing the trendy biker short with a boxy shaped blazer to give it more of a chic feel rather than sporty.

I personally love sports wear. So now that it’s fashionably acceptable to wear my biker shorts in public which, by the way are SUPER slimming for legs, I’ll consider this trend a win. Sign me up!

My inspiration:


My version:


Cargo pants. I know what you’re thinking. Cargo pants, really? Shouldn’t we just leave those for dad to wear? Before you knock em’, let me list some reasons why you should be totally on board with this trend.

  • Easier way to sneak in cheaper movie snacks.
  • No need to pay the hefty airport baggage fees when you pants can carry all your extra items.
  • You can leave the house without a bag and still have both hands free to bring in all your groceries in one trip.

If you aren’t sold on the cargo trend yet, do a Pinterest search for women’s cargo pants and you’ll be heading to the stores in no time to find the perfect cargos.

My inspiration:


My version:

Tie dye. When I think tie-dye I think BRIGHT orange, BRIGHT red and BRIGHT blue, all colours that just yell at you and hurt the eyes. Fortunately, this year’s tie-dye trend is a bit more subtle and sophisticated. Now that, I can work with! Don’t let those 80’s flashbacks scare you away from this fun trend. Instead, feel a sense of nostalgia for younger years when you were tying and dying those plain white tee’s.

If you’re wondering where to score tie-dye this day and age without having to create your own check out, Aritzia and Shopbop.

My inspiration:


My version:


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Things go better together in 3’s

Yoga mat, Yogi tea and some sweet printed leggings. These 3 make me smile.

First my yoga mat…anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis will understand what I mean when I say that my mat knows a lot about me…physically and mentally.

The yogi tea…how can you not enjoy a tea that includes nice little sentiments like, “Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give” and “an attitude of gratitude brings opportunities”?

And finally these printed leggings…I mean, they are just FUN!…and I like to think they give me yoga super powers;)





There are some must-haves when one moves to the PNW.  Being warned about all the rain I was about to experience (‘366 days a year’ or ‘more than a rainforest’) I rushed out to buy new rain boots and an umbrella that didn’t boast the name of a hospital on it.  I was moving from California were we had been in the middle of a drought for several years and our umbrellas and rain boots were collecting dust.  My third purchase was an adorable poncho that can be spotted miles away.  Perfect for hikes, as I’m known to lag behind a little;)

I soon found out from the natives that only tourists carry around an umbrella.  With an umbrella this cute, I don’t mind being a labelled tourist!  Besides, seven months in and I have barely scratched the surface of our new location.  I love that feeling!




If I really posted 3 things that went really well together in the Saskatchewan winters it would be…remote start, my CAA card and my much wanted and needed personal chauffeur Julio.  But since I haven’t quite yet acquired said chauffeur I thought I’d use the next best thing.  Winter gear.

My toque, to cover up all that static-y hair…yikes.  My oversized scarf to channel my inner Lenny Kravitz.  (If you haven’t googled imaged “Lenny Kravitz scarf” I suggest you do now.)  Lastly, my fingerless mittens.  My dad thinks they are senseless but clearly he doesn’t understand the importance of snapchat!




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