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Things go better together in 3’s

Yoga mat, Yogi tea and some sweet printed leggings. These 3 make me smile.

First my yoga mat…anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis will understand what I mean when I say that my mat knows a lot about me…physically and mentally.

The yogi tea…how can you not enjoy a tea that includes nice little sentiments like, “Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give” and “an attitude of gratitude brings opportunities”?

And finally these printed leggings…I mean, they are just FUN!…and I like to think they give me yoga super powers;)





There are some must-haves when one moves to the PNW.  Being warned about all the rain I was about to experience (‘366 days a year’ or ‘more than a rainforest’) I rushed out to buy new rain boots and an umbrella that didn’t boast the name of a hospital on it.  I was moving from California were we had been in the middle of a drought for several years and our umbrellas and rain boots were collecting dust.  My third purchase was an adorable poncho that can be spotted miles away.  Perfect for hikes, as I’m known to lag behind a little;)

I soon found out from the natives that only tourists carry around an umbrella.  With an umbrella this cute, I don’t mind being a labelled tourist!  Besides, seven months in and I have barely scratched the surface of our new location.  I love that feeling!




If I really posted 3 things that went really well together in the Saskatchewan winters it would be…remote start, my CAA card and my much wanted and needed personal chauffeur Julio.  But since I haven’t quite yet acquired said chauffeur I thought I’d use the next best thing.  Winter gear.

My toque, to cover up all that static-y hair…yikes.  My oversized scarf to channel my inner Lenny Kravitz.  (If you haven’t googled imaged “Lenny Kravitz scarf” I suggest you do now.)  Lastly, my fingerless mittens.  My dad thinks they are senseless but clearly he doesn’t understand the importance of snapchat!




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Meet Vanessa

Let me start with a quick intro:

In the summer of 2013, I moved to a city I wasn’t too fond of for schooling and decided in order to pass my time I needed a hobby. Instead of choosing something healthy like jogging or something productive like learning to cook, I chose photography.  It’s better than gambling I figured, so one point for Vanessa.  After taking photos with my iPhone for the mens fashion blog ‘We, the Timeless’ I decided to step up my game and make a SLR purchase.  Yolo.   

I’ve always admired my older sisters.  I mean, who wouldn’t.  They’re gorgeous, amazing women and of course their photography is always spot on.  I have always been the lil tag along sister, so once again I’m going to tag along and show you ‘what makes me click’.



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the ‘B’ girls {children}

Sisters.  How does one make it through life without one?  Photographing these girls and seeing the looks of adoration was a reminder that there’s no better friend than a sister.  

"sisters sitting on the porch picture"







"little girls in rain boots picture"

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Summer Lovin’ ….us too!

…and what a crazy summer its been!? Its been a while since I’ve had a minute to LOOK at photos I’ve taken this summer, much less BLOG about them! We are getting settled here in Eugene…and thought I’d make one BIG blog about our summer adventures. It’s hard to believe all of this happened in a few short months! I loved the craziness of our summer…but it is nice to slow down and get back into a routine.

Dre seems to have inherited my love for the beach and the pool–and so any moment that we weren’t busy packing…Dre and I were at the beach!

I asked 2 of my beautiful sisters to come out for a farewell New York tour and side road trip to Ohio for a wedding. We had an amazing time with LOTS of laughs! Here are a few of our ‘Farewell NY’ photos…

We cruised all over the city-including the High Line, Washington Square and the ever entertaining and unique Coney Island!

After 4 years of attempting to get tickets…I finally got tickets to a taping of The View! What a coincidence that my sisters happened to be here at the same time..AND within weeks of us leaving! I’m a huge fan of Barbara Walters and was once again completely charmed by her effortless grace. Whoopi on the other hand…maybe not so graceful but totally HAlarious!

We also jacked tickets to Jimmy Fallon–always high energy and super fun! We got to see the uber cute Elijah Wood, the beautiful Freida Pinto and of course…The Roots!

Here are 2 screen shots from the show…as always…the Jimmy Fallon show is full of shenanigans!

One of the most important parts of our summer was Wayne defending his thesis…and passing! I couldn’t be more proud of this super smart, super handsome man!

In my eyes there is nothing more stunning that a beautiful Marchesa gown…but the Niagara Falls may just give Marchesa run for their money! We had to make a quick trip to Canada to exchange our visa’s…and it was a fantastic little getaway. I’ve seen a zillion photos of the falls…and yet when you see them yourself…you are at a loss for words. Beautiful. Simply Beautiful.

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the B family

What a dreamy location!  I only just discovered Clarksburg since the B family moved here recently.  Their beautiful new/old home is nestled in among the vineyards, only an hour away! The girls entertained themselves (and us!) by sneaking the unripe grapes, only to pucker up soon after.  Caught in the act!

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