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Meet Braydon. You seen him here first. Next time you see him, I’m thinking he’ll be walking in New York Fashion Week.

I have never worked with a professional model before, but I’ve watched enough ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to know what it’s supposed to be like. Let me tell you this guy would knock Tyra Banks socks off, he KNOWS how to work the camera. At one point I was like, “you are giving me so much variety and so quickly I can’t keep up!” It was an amazing experience.

Good luck with your move to British Columbia Bray! Can’t wait to see where your modelling passion takes you. You are going places!!

Check out Bray’s instagram here – @beingbrayj


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Delicious eye candy for a Monday morning

Just a precaution before you read any further.  Be prepared to wipe the drool from your keyboard after what you’re about to view.  It might be best just to move it out of the way.

Unfortunately, we did not see our Canadian models this season.  Bah hahaha….as Snooki would say.  Fortunately the models for the Perry Ellis, General Idea and VLOV shows did not disappoint.

Pete Bolton, Danny Beauchamp, Sean Harju and Jeremy Young

The always classy Sean O’Pry – Ranked #2

Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves…one more…

Sean for H&M

The unmistakable Max Rogers

Max for Tommy Hilfiger

Vincent Banic

Vincent for Diesel

Francisco Lachowski

Simon Van Meervenne

Simon in an editorial for heckles magazine

Zhao Lei – Ranked #47

Zhao Lei for Diesel

Jeremy Young and David Agbodji – ranked #10

David for Express

Up and comer RJ King…One to look out for!

RJ for gilt groupe/lady gaga collaboration

Another one to watch for…Andre Feulner.

Miles Frank

Reid Prebenda

Matt Egan

Joan Mirangels and Johnny George

Johnny for Burberry

Tomek Szvzukiecki

Tomek for Versace

Additional models exiting the show…can you help us with their names?

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oh la la!

A few seasons ago I snapped a pic of a total cutie and posted it along with the rest of my Fashion Week pictures on Facebook. I was stunned to get comments and find out that he was Taylor Fuchs, from lil’ ol’ Saskatchewan…White City, in fact…about 2 hours from where I grew up. If you’re from a small town…you understand that it is not often that someone from your area makes it into the international modelling world-and its pretty exciting when someone does. I’ve kept my eye out for Taylor ever since….and this year I caught him coming out of the Micheal Kors Fashion Show. Besides being totally smokin’ he was charming, humble and very sweet. Go Saskatchewan!

Here are a few others that make the heart pound a little harder;)

Sean O’Pry. I think many will agree that he is one of the top male models in the industry right now. If he isn’t opening Perry Ellis at NY Fashion Week than he is gracing the massive posters at your local H&M, as well as doing campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs,Calvin Klein…the list goes on. Besides all of this…he is one of my favorites. Year after year he is sweet, talkative and a total gentleman, in fact…he really needs to meet my sister! 😉 Swoon!


Another Canadian!  Marcel Castenmiller also walked in the Michael Kors Show. Known for his androgynous look he’s been featured in Kenzo, Theory and Gucci eyewear…just to name a few. Nice work Edmonton!


The German born Lenz Von Johnston…He is usually the most goofy and interactive of the bunch…this year he was pretty quiet….quiet perhaps, but I love his look.

Max Rogers…watch for him in the Tommy Hilfiger Tailgating ad campaign



Models goofing off outside of the Marc Jacobs Show.

…and by the way?!  Is this not the funnest blog I’ve done so far or what?!  Which one is YOUR favorite..?



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