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Meet Braydon. You seen him here first. Next time you see him, I’m thinking he’ll be walking in New York Fashion Week.

I have never worked with a professional model before, but I’ve watched enough ‘America’s Next Top Model’ to know what it’s supposed to be like. Let me tell you this guy would knock Tyra Banks socks off, he KNOWS how to work the camera. At one point I was like, “you are giving me so much variety and so quickly I can’t keep up!” It was an amazing experience.

Good luck with your move to British Columbia Bray! Can’t wait to see where your modelling passion takes you. You are going places!!

Check out Bray’s instagram here – @beingbrayj


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Have you ever had someone on your instagram that you just secretly admire from afar? Of course you do. We all have people on our social media that we admire, whether it be for their clothing, their lifestyle, or maybe they just always have the best memes. For me, that person is Eddy. I have been following Eddy for a year or so now, admiring his personal style and how everything he wears just makes him look effortlessly cool. Every time he would post a new photo I found myself thinking ‘I’d love to photograph him’. So I finally worked up the courage to slide into the DM’s and ask him if he’d want to meet up for a photoshoot. The results were nothing less then unreal!

Shout out to Eddy for being so unbelievably photogenic and for taking time out of a busy summer schedule to meet up with me!

Check out Eddy’s instagram here- @edawrdoalvaro


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Will these memories fade when I leave this town? {teens + seniors}

These two are ridiculous to be around!  Sarcasm, dry wit and inside jokes are at an ultimate high when you hang out with them.  It’s like they have their own language.  Them being, my baby sis and Jessica, her partner-in-crime.  These were taken on one of my last days visiting my parents in Saskatchewan.  Could they be more radiant?!  Not sure how they’ll survive without one another come fall?  Vanessa will be five hours away at U of S and Jessica will stay and finish her last year of high school.  Just remember dear girls, that the road to a friend’s house is never long.

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Elizabeth in Wonderland {teens + seniors}

We were both really excited to do a series with sweet, beautiful Lizz while back home. We wanted to pretty her all up for one session and rock her out for another.  It was really fun to do two completely opposite looks on Lizz and watch her go into character with each one.  After enduring all the primping, wearing a dress (gasp!), and riding a 90 pound fossil of a bike, we were surprised that she was still up for the second shoot!  Thank you Lizz for trusting us.  You are a beautiful soul.

The following images are ‘Lizz Enchanted’ …and in a short while we’ll post images from her edgier shoot.

This week I came across a photo of the same Zac Posen dress….who wore it better? Lynda Erkiletian from Real Housewives of DC or our own beautiful Lizz?

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Baby C


Sweet 2 week old Christopher.  Such a content baby.  I just wanted to eat him up…look at that hair…hmmm…maybe I’ll just nibble his fingers and toes.







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