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Behind the scenes at Porter Grey

Backstage at Porter Grey!!!

For those of you unfamiliar with this line, Porter Grey is an American contemporary sportswear line, founded and run by sisters Kristen and Alexandra O’Neill.

I love this photo…I think that being backstage is so glamorous! The models, the clothes, the designers, celebs etc. But while that is all true…some parts are simply not so fun. It’s cold. It’s boring as you wait for the next look to get ready. The reporters and photographers are always bumping into each other or getting into each others shot. It’s very small with a hundred people all crowding in. And everyone thinks THEIR job is the most important one of all…PR, security, papps, models etc…  ANYWAYS….I love the reality of this picture….two cold and uncomfortable, bored models amongst all the chaos.

The hair team was led by Rebecca Naftzger for Cutler. “She blow-dried the models’ hair with a round brush and curled it with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron while leaving out the ends. It created this big subtle wave, which complemented the clothes perfectly.”

Hairstylists lead by Rebecca Naftzger

Jose Rivera,the makeup artist leading the Sephora PRO Beauty team emphasized clean skin; wind-blown cheeks to indicate an outdoorsy, ready-to-face-the-elements strength; a rich and saturated black lash line and an understated and deconstructed lip look with scattered golden shimmer.

A few looks from the show

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Power Stance 2011!

“A Power Stance can be used for many things. Well, actually, no. It’s used for one thing, and that is to look awesome to everyone else around you by simply making a pose.

There is more than one type of Power Stance, but all are acceptable if you wish to get girls, scare people or simply make the whole experience of being a paparazzi that little bit better…”



and UP!

Being vertically challenged, this is the power stance we most commonly used.

This planking stance however was not found to be very popular among the paparazzi…well, at Lincoln Center anyways.

A possible sneak attack power stance???

Ah yes, this guy!  His bag was full of various power stances…

We like to call this ‘On bended knee’

Dave, you’re so cool, seriously.  You deserve a power stance named after you.  From here on in this stance will be called ….the Dave stance.

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Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful

Overheard:  “Look at those legs!  We all just look like a bunch of country bumpkins next to these girls!”

Honey, I couldn’t agree with you more!  Jealous much?  Definitely!

This year we missed seeing some of our favorite models but enjoyed seeing some of the looks leaving the runway.  Slicked back do’s and heavy brows dominated the runways this season.

A sneak peek at looks from the runways of Project Runway!  

Luca Luca model Martha Streck coming from the runway wearing hot pink lipstick and loosely polished waves.

Martha for Espirit

Rebecca Taylor’s girls sported slicked back hair and bright eyes.  Ali Lagarde and Anne Sophie Monrad in shades.

Models for Ruffian had their hair pulled back into equestrian style ponytails.

 “The brow is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor; liner inspired by Jacqueline de Ribes from a 1950s photograph by Richard Avedon and blush inspired by Sheena Easton,” said lead makeup artist for MAC cosmetics, James Kaliardos.

Renee Germaine van Seggern

Renee for Amica Italy

A fierce Taylor Nicole

Tara Jean Nordbrock

Tara for Flair editorial

Hanne Gaby Odiele (ranked #27) exiting Lacoste where the models left their hair down and their makeup natural.

Hanna Gaby Odiele for Lucky

Aline Weber (ranked #45)

Aline Weber for Derek Lam

Yulia Kharlapanova

Yulia for American Eagle 2010

Marique Schimmel (ranked #49) and Herieth Paul

Herieth for Diesel

A natural look on Jia Jing for Pamella Roland

At the Betsey Johnson show it was all about big waves and bright lips.  

Liza Filippova

Liza in Marie Claire editorial

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Delicious eye candy for a Monday morning

Just a precaution before you read any further.  Be prepared to wipe the drool from your keyboard after what you’re about to view.  It might be best just to move it out of the way.

Unfortunately, we did not see our Canadian models this season.  Bah hahaha….as Snooki would say.  Fortunately the models for the Perry Ellis, General Idea and VLOV shows did not disappoint.

Pete Bolton, Danny Beauchamp, Sean Harju and Jeremy Young

The always classy Sean O’Pry – Ranked #2

Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves…one more…

Sean for H&M

The unmistakable Max Rogers

Max for Tommy Hilfiger

Vincent Banic

Vincent for Diesel

Francisco Lachowski

Simon Van Meervenne

Simon in an editorial for heckles magazine

Zhao Lei – Ranked #47

Zhao Lei for Diesel

Jeremy Young and David Agbodji – ranked #10

David for Express

Up and comer RJ King…One to look out for!

RJ for gilt groupe/lady gaga collaboration

Another one to watch for…Andre Feulner.

Miles Frank

Reid Prebenda

Matt Egan

Joan Mirangels and Johnny George

Johnny for Burberry

Tomek Szvzukiecki

Tomek for Versace

Additional models exiting the show…can you help us with their names?

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MBFW – September 12, 2011

We love a Betsey Johnson day.  She brings color, fun and entertainment and this year was no different.  We love a Perry Ellis runway day.  He always brings out the boys.  We  loved the randomness of the people we saw today…a country music singer, a soap star and a rapper. Yes, today was a good day.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum leaving the Pamela Roland presentation

Nigel Barker and his wife Cristen 

Stylist Robert Verdi takes in Carlos Miele

Allan Cummings exits VLOV

Designer for VLOV-QingQing Wu

Rose McGowan running to catch the Chris Benz PresentationLeven Rambin at Betsey Johnson- watch for her in the upcoming ‘The Hunger Games’

Model Lisalla Montenegro

Singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding

Nigel Barker slipping into Betsey Johnson and then Perry Ellis

and hailing from QUEENS, NY…..Nicki  Minaj!!!

‘Twilight’ star Chaske Spencer stopping for a fan before attending the Perry Ellis show.

Soap Star Brandon Beemer heading in to prep for the Perry Ellis show.

‘True Blood’ werewolf Joe Manganiello

Designing for Perry Ellis, John Crocco

LA Laker Matt Barnes



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