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Welcome, Baby ‘C’

I found myself back in Northern California a few weeks ago with this adorable growing family! Miss ‘C’ was already a month old + as sweet as could be. Loving to be swaddled up tight, she hardly made a peep! I have had the privilege to photograph all their newborn faces except the oldest + this little face fits in perfectly with the others. She is adored grandly by her siblings + I consider myself a fan as well!
cberry_0002cberry_0013cberry_0012cberry_0009 cberry_0017cberry_0004cberry_0011

Miss ‘E’ was a huge helper to me this time around. Fetching blankets for me, holding the reflector (this girl has skillz!) + telling me all about her new sister. Her Mama is very lucky to have such a big girl around to help out! cberry_0008cberry_0001cberry_0015cberry_0014

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the B family

What a dreamy location!  I only just discovered Clarksburg since the B family moved here recently.  Their beautiful new/old home is nestled in among the vineyards, only an hour away! The girls entertained themselves (and us!) by sneaking the unripe grapes, only to pucker up soon after.  Caught in the act!

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