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Street Style

Shooting street fashion is loads of fun and I wish I had dedicated more time to it this year. Nonetheless here are a few snaps from the fashion forward and fashion backward. Once again, we will let you decide what trends you love and hate.

On the scene at Lincoln Center

Inside MBFW

The Anna Wintour mask-hmmm?

I will end my fashion week adventures with a great sign I saw in the subway headed home….ha ha..makes me smile!

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the art of love {maternity}

It’s nothing but an honor to have the chance to photograph another artist.  Darren is the talent behind the Eddie Bauer Spring catalog featuring a painting of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Seriously?  How cool is that?!  With those kind of genes I wouldn’t be surprised if their baby come out holding a paintbrush!  Congrats you two on your upcoming masterpiece!

Before we lost the light totally we headed into town for a change of scenery.  So glad we found this ‘blue’ wall…appropriate for the little boy they’d soon meet!

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the B girls {maternity}

Awh, seriously?!  I SO wished I had looked this good when I was 32 weeks preggers.  Actually, I would have loved to have looked this good anytime I was pregnant!  Instead I could have passed as a puffer fish!  Lacy, you look radiant and we’re all a little jealous!  

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the W girls {maternity}

Not only are there two beautiful ladies in this family but another was expected any moment!  I wonder if they’re giving out the recipe?

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