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Have you ever had someone on your instagram that you just secretly admire from afar? Of course you do. We all have people on our social media that we admire, whether it be for their clothing, their lifestyle, or maybe they just always have the best memes. For me, that person is Eddy. I have been following Eddy for a year or so now, admiring his personal style and how everything he wears just makes him look effortlessly cool. Every time he would post a new photo I found myself thinking ‘I’d love to photograph him’. So I finally worked up the courage to slide into the DM’s and ask him if he’d want to meet up for a photoshoot. The results were nothing less then unreal!

Shout out to Eddy for being so unbelievably photogenic and for taking time out of a busy summer schedule to meet up with me!

Check out Eddy’s instagram here- @edawrdoalvaro


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NY Fashion Week {extras}

This years new and sleeker facade 

Inside the tents was a mix of UNICEF, TreSemme, FIJI water, Maybelline, Arizona Iced Tea and the obvious one…Mercedes-Benz.  Oh wait, and US!  Yes, we made it in again this year.  We’d love to tell you the story but then we’d have to kill you.  

Media area..bloggers and such madly downloading images and writing reviews.

Street Wear.  Another HUGE part of fashion week is the street fashion.  Can you guess who was showing at the time of these photos?  No doubt Betsey would be proud.

Here is a small sampling of street wear.  We’ll let you decide what you would or wouldn’t be caught dead in!

Spotted: bra cup purse on the left.  Fish shoes on the right.

While hanging around out front I ran into one of my favorite bloggers.  I insist you check out Katie of Color Me Katie on you next blah day.  Her ideas and images always put a smile on my face.  What a doll!   I love that I look tall next to her!  Ok, maybe not tall but…taller?

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