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The ‘B’ Family {Maternity}

Our family has enjoyed getting to know Brian + Carla since we have moved to the Seattle area. They have been our go to people for where to go, how to get there, where to eat, + what sights to see. So basically our own personal google or yelp, not to mention house/dog/babysitter! 

By the way they treat each other and those around them this child will be born into a home of great love + respect. I have no doubt they will be incredible parents and I can’t wait for it to be my turn to help them out!
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The ‘S’ Family

When you move to a new area there are just some people who make the transition a lot easier. Meet one of the families that has been a saving grace since I stepped foot in the PNW. I enjoyed having these sweet dimpled faces + their parents in front of my lens the other morning. With her little girl creeping up on the one year mark, this mom is very well aware of how quickly time is passing. Here we are at the Snoqualmie River to document their family at this very busy stage!
Sanchez_091415_0080eSanchez_091415_0084cSanchez_091415_0157cSanchez_091415_0188cSanchez_091415_0180b2-wSanchez_091415_0025b-wSanchez_091415_0028b-wSanchez_091415_0011b-wSanchez_091415_0270b-wSanchez_091415_0210c Sanchez_091415_0199c2Sanchez_091415_0139c Sanchez_091415_0350cSanchez_091415_0314bSanchez_091415_0319bSanchez_091415_0425bSanchez_091415_0325cSanchez_091415_0297bSanchez_091415_0370b2 Sanchez_091415_0403cSanchez_091415_0391c3 Sanchez_091415_0406cThere was no way this little guy was gonna let his mama get thrown into the water!

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The ‘W’ Family

This summer break has been a busy one, going from one thing to the next. The day we had slotted for the ‘W’ family session was forecasted to be a cooker but without any option to reschedule we went ahead with it. With the beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area in the background, not even the hottest of days can make this family look bad!

Poor lil ‘B’ was not thrilled with the heat and spied my smoothie tucked away. Who can deny such a face?! He sucked it back like nobody’s business!2015-08-17_00172015-08-17_00122015-08-17_0013 2015-08-17_00142015-08-24_00082015-08-24_0011c

With just a bit of sun left in the sky and the air only a few degrees cooler, we walked down to the lake to finish off our day. Thanks ‘W’ family for lookin’ smokin’ hot and making it look like no big deal!2015-08-17_00182015-08-17_0025b2015-08-17_00192015-08-17_00052015-08-17_00202015-08-24_00042015-08-24_00022015-08-24_00032015-08-24_00012015-08-17_00242015-08-17_00212015-08-17_00232015-08-24_00062015-08-17_00282015-08-17_0027


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Lil Miss ‘I’ @ 5 months

How extra adorable is this baby age/stage?  At what other point in your life can you stick your foot in your mouth and have everyone die over the cuteness?!

Back in February we travelled east to see lil Miss ‘I’ and her parents.  Even though she’s ‘just’ a baby, my boys think she’s pretty special.  She smiled the brightest when they were near, in fact it was a bit of a contest which one could get her to giggle the most!  The giggles were contagious and I seriously thought of packing her up and bringing her home with us:)

irelynn5m2 irelynn5m4irelynn5m6irelynn5m9irelynn5m5irelynn5m7


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The ‘B’ family {maternity}

Arrive into Washington on Wednesday and I’m shooting by Thursday night!  How did I get so lucky?!  Our very generous friends came over from Spokane to help us set up house, so the least I could do was photograph them as they look forward to welcoming a little one into their lives.

We are so excited for September to come so we can finally meet this little girl.  Now it will be our turn to buy the noisy toys, science experiments and candy for their little one! (insert wicked laugh here)  Ps. Noah likes the name Quinty.brown1dbrown7brown3brown9brown6brown8brown10

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