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Love Day, 2015

I’ll be honest with you. This Valentine’s day post almost never happened. Sigh.

Photo shoot 1 — I had unrealistic expectations of my boys. I forgot they never sit still….ever!

Photo shoot 2 — They were in a mood. We allllll had epic meltdowns.

Photo shoot 3 — I had technical difficulties. sigh. Lighting…

Photo shoot 4 — Armed with realistic expectations of my boys, a better lens and lots of M+M’s to bribe my boys with…this is our result!

Happy LOVE day everyone!!! XOXO




Seems Valentine’s Day bloopers are becoming our thing….


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Things go better together in 3’s

Yoga mat, Yogi tea and some sweet printed leggings. These 3 make me smile.

First my yoga mat…anyone who practices yoga on a regular basis will understand what I mean when I say that my mat knows a lot about me…physically and mentally.

The yogi tea…how can you not enjoy a tea that includes nice little sentiments like, “Your greatness is not what you have, but what you give” and “an attitude of gratitude brings opportunities”?

And finally these printed leggings…I mean, they are just FUN!…and I like to think they give me yoga super powers;)





There are some must-haves when one moves to the PNW.  Being warned about all the rain I was about to experience (‘366 days a year’ or ‘more than a rainforest’) I rushed out to buy new rain boots and an umbrella that didn’t boast the name of a hospital on it.  I was moving from California were we had been in the middle of a drought for several years and our umbrellas and rain boots were collecting dust.  My third purchase was an adorable poncho that can be spotted miles away.  Perfect for hikes, as I’m known to lag behind a little;)

I soon found out from the natives that only tourists carry around an umbrella.  With an umbrella this cute, I don’t mind being a labelled tourist!  Besides, seven months in and I have barely scratched the surface of our new location.  I love that feeling!




If I really posted 3 things that went really well together in the Saskatchewan winters it would be…remote start, my CAA card and my much wanted and needed personal chauffeur Julio.  But since I haven’t quite yet acquired said chauffeur I thought I’d use the next best thing.  Winter gear.

My toque, to cover up all that static-y hair…yikes.  My oversized scarf to channel my inner Lenny Kravitz.  (If you haven’t googled imaged “Lenny Kravitz scarf” I suggest you do now.)  Lastly, my fingerless mittens.  My dad thinks they are senseless but clearly he doesn’t understand the importance of snapchat!




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Simon turns 7

I just gotta say…I hate writing.  A simple post like this takes me forever.   A day when I was struggling with words and memories, Simon and I looked up his previous birthday posts.  After having a good laugh I realized how important this collection of memories were to the boys and I.  Sooooo…here goes…

Excited about running and chess club, Simon adjusted well to the move here in Seattle.  Having his own room and a 9:00am start time on school mornings, that’s not much to complain about! Especially since he typically wakes up on the couch in our room…  Yes, you read right, he’s turning 7 not 2, but he’s my leetle bebe;)

He’s just as random as ever, and continues to keep us entertained.  Serious comments like “So basically I can do ‘O’s and zero’s but I can’t draw circles.” or “We have to wait until the spring before we can get spring water for our fish?” have us shaking our heads.  As much as he LOVES to run, he thinks hiking is exhausting.  His favorite number is 40 and his favorite color, pink.   He spent his birthday money on 30 fake snowballs and that night he fell asleep with all 30 snowballs stuffed into his pajamas.  I’ve loved the increased hand holding and hugs.  The words ‘I love you’ still have not surfaced (except once on accident) but as someone recently reminded me, actions speak louder than words.

A lot of changes over the last few months and this mama was not up for the extravagant birthday party challenge!  So Simon and I settled on having a few friends over with games, food and cake.  Big fancy party or not, this boy was happy at the end of the day:)




What’s your favorite color?  Pink

What’s your favorite food?  French fries and veggies

Favorite restaurant?  McDonald’s and I order 4 piece chicken nuggets

What’s your favorite number?  40 and 9

What’s your favorite thing about Seattle so far?  The Duck tour

Who is your best friend?  Well, remember my friend Brian in Preschool?  He only spoke Spanish.

What’s your favorite subject at school?  Story time and math

Where is your favorite place to go? Somewhere I can buy toys 

What’s your favorite song?  I have a lot of favorite songs.  All About That Bass, is one and Animals, by Maroon 5

What makes you happy?  Getting presents

What is your favorite thing to do?  Play Minecraft

You love to play board games.  What is your favorite one?  Monopoly

What do you like about being a kid?  You can fit under stuff

If you were the president for the day, what would you do?  Well, I wouldn’t hurt anyone but I would take all the money from the bank…because…I looooooove money!!

How would you spend one million dollars?  I would spend it on Pokemon cards

How do you know we love you? Because you’re my family!

Do you wish there were more people in your family?  Yes, a little sister. But not a baby, about 5 years old.


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Vanessa’s Runway to Reality

Sometimes as I’m watching fashion week I’ll see outfits and be like, “Who would actually wear this?!”.  But this year it seemed that designers have toned it down a few notches and made their ‘ready-to-wear’ collections actually ready-to-wear.  Of course I’ll always be a huge Alexander McQueen fan but I don’t think showing up for work in a fur coat and leather pants would go over too well.

Chunky knits.  Fall is here and rather than pulling out our winter wardrobe we’d rather complain about being cold while looking fab in our shorts. Complain no more!  With chunky knits being in this season that means we can still keep some of our summer favs out, but just toss a cozy knit overtop and tada, fashionista!  Also, as an added bonus it’s a great way to hide those few extra pounds from drinking too many pumpkin spice lattes and eating way too much Hallowe’en candy!

My inspiration: fashionweek   My look: IMG_4614

Sneakers. Models are breathing a sigh of relief as sneakers come back into style, and so are my feet! I know they say “no pain, no gain” but having hammer toes from high heels…ew. Designers like DKNY and Chanel rocked the runway with their models sporting sneakers and thanks to them for paving the way.  Now I too can rock it at work in my sneakers and feel like a fashion all-star.

My inspiration: fashionweek2

My look: IMG_4639

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Melissa’s Runway to Reality

Much to the dismay of my husband, I love clothes.  I love shopping for clothes.  I even love window shopping for clothes.  But to MY dismay, my family does not share this love with me:(  You would think that being the mom of 2 boys I would celebrate my girliness with the clothes I wear.  But when I look for trends, I tend to gravitate towards a more classic but androgynous look.  The two trends that I choose from the runways of Fall + Spring reflect that.

The felt hat:  Shelf the straw hat and pull out the felt!  Fall creeps in a little earlier here in Seattle than in Norcal so call myself prepared.  This will be a great addition for my new move to the North West. The felt hat can be paired up with pretty much anything including a bad hair day.  The trick is find the one that fits my child sized head!  

My  inspiration:


felt hat runway


My version:



Military, timeless?  But think about it.  Does military influence ever leave?

What is so great about the military trend is the opportunity to change it up.  Whether khaki, camo, utility pockets, or boots you can have fun by mixing it up with animal prints, neon or with girly dresses.  The options are endless.

In the last month I’ve picked up three military inspired pieces without even seeking them out.  I can’t wait to experiment!


My inspiration:elle-04-spring-2015-trends-utility-xln-lgn


My version:runwayb



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